The Adventures of Footenbarn Hot Seat follows the comical duel between Footenbarn and Smackberry as they first battle in the old west town of Sockwood, a spoof of the classic spaghetti western, until Footenbarn's alarm clock wakes him up. Then follow the duo as they continue to battle their way across Mrs.Pigsnockle's 4th grade English Class in order to sit next to the new sock in school, only to learn that sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the classroom. In this humorous and fun tale, follow the story in 41 pages of exquisitely detailed illustrations that will jump off the page and keep you laughing at every turn. If The Adventures of Footenbarn has “socked” you in, it’s time to “foot the bill” and get your copy of Hot Seat. It’s as easy as putting a pair of socks in the dryer! Makes a great gift. Perfect for kids of all ages. Please click on the link and let the adventure begin! Available at Amazon and all fine retailers.



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The Adventures of Footenbarn is a children's book written by Shahrook Oomer and Jeff Gibson