The Adventures of Footenbarn solves one of the world's most baffling mysteries, which has plagued mankind since the dawn of timeā€¦

That one missing sock goes through a worm hole in time and space while in the spin cycle of the dryer and comes to life in a world of lost socks and other missing garments.

Meet Footenbarn, a 10 year old mischievous, but loveable sock, and his four best friends and follow their hilarious adventures in Sockramento.  Whether Footenbarn is leading his loyal friends in his latest capers or battling his arch nemesis, Smackberry - a giant ball of lint. Footenbarn always finds a way to be socksessful!

No two socks are alike in Sockramento (since only one sock of a pair go missing) and come in all sizes, shapes and ethnicities.

Explore Sockramento, a city where buses that look like sneakers, apartment buildings are chester drawers and high rise buildings reach to the sky in the form of boots.

The first book in the series Hot Seat, is filled with color illustrations and set in a world of lost socks (and other missing garments). Follow Footenbarn as he battles his arch nemesis, Smackberry, in this amusing and entertaining story that will keep you laughing all the way through!

Stay a while and jump into the world of Footenbarn. Meet all the characters, see the city, preview the book and enjoy the fully interactive site.

The Adventures of Footenbarn is a children's book written by Shahrook Oomer and Jeff Gibson

Click on the picture below to see a preview of Hot Seat

The Adventures of Footenbarn Hot Seat Shahrook Oomer Jeff Gibson

The Adventures of Footenbarn Hot Seat Shahrook Oomer Jeff Gibson



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